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Your visit

This is a copy of the information folder kept in the guest rooms.  It is available in downloadable pdf format here

Your room

If you encounter any problems with your room please contact Jeremy or Waree and we will get it fixed for you. Our phone numbers are: Jeremy 0972 258 712 Waree 0639 486 119



Daily we clean and tidy the rooms and change the towels.

Every two or three days we change the sheets.  If you would like us to change them more often let us know

We supply two bottles of drinking water which are replaced daily.  The tap water is not suitable for drinking.



There is a safe in the wardrobe.  The door should be open.

Set up

Press the button in the hinge of the door (part of the door) it is out of sight so feel for it.  The safe will beep.  Close the door and enter a 3 to 8 digit pin number and press the button marked A at the bottom left of the keypad.  This should lock the safe.


Just enter your pin number, press the button A and open the door.


If you need help or forget your pin just contact Jeremy.  We have a physical key will open the safe.



This is available free of charge.  We have 3 wifi channels so choose the one that gives you the best signal.  They all have the same password “painting’ (without the quote marks).

  • guest-fast is high speed and should be best in your room.  Some devices may not support this speed.

  • guest is slower and should be best in your room

  • Lounge should be best in the Guest Lounge


Entertainment system

The TV in your room is controlled by the LG remote.

The ‘TV’ button on the remote will not work as there is no TV aerial available

Under the TV button there is an ‘Input’ button use this to change the input to the TV

For TV use the ‘Satellite’ option

For Chromecast use the ‘Set top box’ option


Satellite TV

Satellite TV is a available with many channels.  When the input is connected to the Satellite you can control the channels using the True remote.  English channels are expensive here in Thailand and with easy Internet access many of our guests don’t use them, so we don’t automatically make them available.  If you want them let us know and we will upgrade the TV plan for you at no additional cost.  



We use the Chromecast more than TV and it can be controlled from Android or IOS devices.  Details on Chromecast can be seen at http://www.google.com/chrome/devices/chromecast/

If you need any help or advice on the Chromecast just ask Jeremy


IFlix - This is the Thai equivalent of Netflix and the first month of usage is free.  If you go to www.iflix.com you can open an account and then access via your digital device and cast it to the TV.  There are many movies and TV series available.  The range is not as great as Netflix but still good.  If you have any problems with iFlix ask Jeremy to help.  You might be able to access your home Netflix account via a VPN but we have found it to be unreliable.

You can login using my account if you don’t want to create your own account.  The Username is jeremyholton@gmail.com and Password Mekong


YouTube - have a huge range of music movies etc which can all be cast to your TV.  They also have live TV news programs from throughout the world



The TV has a USB port and some of our guests use it to play movies from a Flash Card. The power supply for the Chromecast is plugged into the USB port, just unplug it.


Mobile phone

Most of our guests either use roaming on their home mobile phone or buy a local SIM card which are very cheap.  If you need a local SIM let us know and we will get one for you.  Even if you have neither of these you can contact us with a smartphone using  WiFi which is available at most restaurants in Phon Phisai.  or we use several instant messaging services.


Please contact us if you need help at any time day or night.  We want to ensure that have a perfect holiday with us.


  • Jeremy 0972 258 712

  • Waree 0639 486 119

  • Jeremy’s Skype ID is jeremyholton


Hair dryer

There is a hair dryer in your room


Charging your devices

A plug board with international sockets it available.  Please bear in mind that Thailand electricity is 240 volts not 110 volts as it is in the USA.



The shower is modern overhead style combined with a handheld spray.  The mixer controls the heat and volume of the water.  The directions to rotate the control for hot or cold water are indicated by red and blue dots on the underneath of the control knob (don’t ask me why the designers made it upside down but this is Thailand).


PLEASE BEWARE THE WATER IS VERY HOT so I suggest you always start with it switched to the handheld spray while you adjust the temperature and then switch to the overhead shower.



There are three dispensers in the shower.

  • White    - Shower gel

  • Pink      - Shampoo

  • Orange - Conditioner

The dispenser by the hand basin has clear soap in it


Hand Basin

We can’t plumb in hot water to the basin.  If you need hot water in it you can use the handheld shower spray to fill it.



There is a foldable wooden screen in your room, put this up if you want privacy while dressing


Air Conditioner

The air conditioner will provide good cooling for your room.  Unfortunately the air swing facility does not work as it was broken by the previous owners.  It it not possible to get parts to fix it.  However, we operate the fan and the air conditioner together which circulates the air effectively.



The fan it operated via the remote control


Tea and coffee

A hot water jug with tea bags and instant coffee is available in your room.  If you prefer ground coffee that is available in the Guest Lounge.  If you would like a plunger and ground coffee your room let us know and we will supply one  The only reason why we don’t make this standard for the rooms is the problem of disposing the coffee grounds.


Fire Extinguisher

One is available in your room


Guest Lounge

The lounge is open from about 6am to 10pm.  If you want to access it at any other time let us know.



The bar has a fridge stocked with a range of soft and alcoholic drinks together with some nibbles.  There is a clip board for your room so please record any that you consume on this and I will generate an invoice for you to pay weekly during your stay.  There are also some bottles of spirits available, as they are so cheap we only supply them by the bottle.


Entertainment centre

TV - is the same as your room and also has a Chromecast option.

DVD -  We have a wide range of movie DVDs

Music - We use YouTube for music or Jeremy has a Google Music account, but you can use your own service provide it has a Chromecast option

Karaoke - We have two wireless microphones and our amplifier supports Karaoke.  The best source for music with lyrics is YouTube via the Chromecast

Keyboard -There is a keyboard that you are welcome to use.  Our son Adam uses it for his piano practice.

Games -  Packs of cards

Books - We have a few old books available


Air conditioning

The Guest lounge has an air conditioner and fan if you require them


Tea and coffee

Coffee beans and a grinder are on the bar.  We grind fresh coffee most days and if there is none available please grind your own.  You can use the coffee machine, ask Jeremy for help.  There are also plungers and a hot water jug (kettle).


Tea bags, instant and ground coffee are available.   Fresh milk is kept in the fridge.



At this time of the year the Terrace is the best place to eat and work



The Games Room has table tennis.  We also a few bikes available.  The land is flat and it's an enjoyable easy ride down the banks of the river to Phon Phisai.  We play badminton in the back garden and you are welcome to join in.



We serve a mixture of Thai and Western food according to your taste.  Let us know what you prefer.  The local food is very chilli hot and Waree reduces the amount of chilli in the food she prepares to make it more acceptable.  Let us know how much (or little) chilli you would like your food.


Most meals are served in the Terrace.  The lazy susan table is in the Guest Lounge is available if it's too hot outside or there are mosquitoes.


We serve three meals each day starting with an American Breakfast.  When we are away on trips we may supply the food or use restaurants.  As restaurants are not in our budget, please pay for your own restaurant meals.



We mainly work on the Terrace or in the Guest Lounge.  After you have settled in we can discuss how you would like to work.  We can supply most materials.  Depending on other guests requirements, we are flexible and can vary times and content according to your needs.  If you have a partner and he or she doesn’t want to paint we can arrange alternative activities for him/her.



There are many interesting and beautiful subject for a photographer around Phon Phisai and the village.  Depending on your level of experience I can help you with your photography including post processing, storage and indexing.



Some of the local girls will model nude for painting or photography.  We pay them 150 baht per hour for posing clothed or 300 baht per hour for nude.  This is not included in our prices but guests can share the costs between themselves if they wish.



There are many trips we can take you in coordination with any other guests.  We cover most of the costs of transport and non restaurant food for All Inclusive guests.  There are some exceptions such as a visit to Laos or a sightseeing boat on the Mekong.  If we accompany you on these trips we need to to cover your own and our costs as we would be acting as a guide.  We can work out a plan for the places you want to visit during your stay.


We recommend that you bring a hat, drinking water with you.  Some places require physical exertion such as climbing up steps and there may not be safety rails as would be expected in a Western Country.  If you feel any concerns let us know and we can work out alternatives for you.


We carry a small and limited first aid kit for minor cuts etc.


Information on places to go and a map of Nong Khai is available on our website Thailand-painting-holidays.com


Town amenities

It is an easy walk into Phon Phisai or we can take you in the pickup or motorbike.  There are several banks with ATMs, a good hospital and clinic, restaurants, markets etc.  Its very safe here in rural Thailand, there are very few tourists.  Smile and most locals will reward you with a lovely smile.  Few people speak English.  If you get lost ring us or head for the river and turn right.


We are developing a map of Phon Phisai using Google Maps and it can be viewed at this link http://thailand-painting-holidays.com/phon-phisai-map/