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What to bring with you on your holiday


Just light clothing, a sweater and long trousers and long sleeved top for the evenings if you are worried about mosquitoes.  Insect bites are not normally a problem.  Mosquitoes love me, and around dusk I can get minor bites unless I use repellent or wear long clothing.  However these bites are just slightly itchy and wear off in less than an hour.  They may not be mosquitoes as they are more like midges.   We can arrange laundry and dry cleaning if you require it during your holday.  Clothing is relatively cheap in Thailand and many of our guests buy clothes during their stay.


There are several good banks and ATMs in Phon Phisai.  I usually bring cash which I change into Thai baht at the bank, and if I need more I draw it from my Australian account using my credit card.   I don't bother with travellers cheques. 


There are good pharmacies in Phon Phisai but the medicines tend to be in Thai so it's difficult to explain what you want and identify the Thai equivalent.  It is generally better to bring your own supplies.   There is no malaria in Thailand except perhaps in some of the mountainous border regions.  You shouldn't need any special medication for visiting us on holiday, but as always, you should consult a doctor if you have any specific concerns.

Mobile phone

Bring your phone and on arrival in Thailand you can either use International Roving to contact us or buy a local prepaid sim card.  There are to telco desks AIS and True when you come out of customs at the airport and you can get an inexpensive sim card there.  See our International airport page for instructions.  When you arrive at Mekong House for your holiday we will lend you a free mobile phone to make local calls if you need help. 

Electric plugs

I always carry a multi-plug/socket power board in my carry on luggage as there is nothing worse than arriving in your hotel and not being about to charge your phone.  We provide a board which should fit all international plugs in each room, but when you are travelling you will need your own adaptor. 

Art Materials

We will supply most materials for oils, acrylics and oil pastels for your painting holiday.  If you have special materials you want to work with we can try to source them in Thailand, although art suppliers are few and have limited stocks.  Otherwise please bring them with you for your holiday.