Your host Waree

Waree will look after you during your holiday.  She will introduce you to her village and find out about any interesting activities you can experience.


She will show you how to pay respect to Buddha at the wats, give alms to the monks, buy from the markets or street vendors, order food you can eat, cook an Isaan dish, say hello to an old man in the street,  and find the nearest toilet.


With the help of her family, she runs the guesthouse, organises food and travel.


Waree was born in Issan (NE Thailand) and speaks fluent English and Thai/Lao. Her family live in Ban Pho about 20 minutes from Phon Phisai where they operate the biggest shop in the village, a noodle bar, a rubber plantation and several rice farms.  During your holiday she will take you to the village and meet her friends and family.

If you want to see more of Waree just chat with us below