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There is good information on visas to Laos on the Mut Mee website

Instructions on visiting Laos

I recently did a border run into Laos and back over the Friendship Bridge.  It can be a bit complicated so I have recorded the process as it occurred below.  This is how in was in December 2014 and it may well change over time


Go to the Immigration area on the left hand side

Usually you will have a white departure form already in your passport as you get one on entry into Thailand.  This should be completed or if you don't have one they are available in this area.

If you are coming back into Thailand you can get a copy of the form for your re-entry as well

Go through gate

Get bus ticket

Take the bus across the bridge


There are two  windows signed 1, 2 and 3 (around the corner)

Go to Window 2 and ask for an visa form
Both Thai and Farangs (foreigners) need to complete form


Go to Window 1 to apply for the visa which costs 1,300 baht.  They need your passport, the form and the payment.  They used to require a passport photo but this time they didn't ask for one.
Wait outside Window 3 around the corner until they call your name and return your passport with the visa
Go to immigration booth to get your passport checked and stamped

There are turnstiles with scanners these are for people with cards and they do not work with passports. My wife tried to get me a card to operate this but they said its not needed as I have a visa

 In my case a guy just told me to take the gate at the left and he unlocked it for me

There is a final check with a guy sitting at a desk


Go to RFID counter with the visa application form pay 5 baht and get cardIf
Exit through automatic gates using card
Farang go through gate at left remote controlled by man
Get final check by man at desk

There are many shops on the Laos side of the border and wine is cheaper than Thailand, but I bought two bottles of good Australian wine and one had gone off, probably left in the sun at some time.


Both Farang and thai get card from the RFID booth
Use to get through automatic gates put in slot one way machine
Buy bus ticket
Get bus

Make sure you have white visa application forms completed
Go through the Immigration booth to get your passport checked and an visa

If you have nothing to declare you can walk out but they scan all bags

Where to go

Our visitors have suggested going to the Cope Centre and recommended these restaurants  Xang Khoo , The Spirit House, Douang Deuane and The Common Ground for lunch

Here is a recent description of what to do in Vientiane 

Vientiane, Laos

The Friendship Bridge at Nong Khai is the main crossing from Thailand into Laos as it is close to the capital Vientiane.  If you would like to visit Laos we can take you there for the day during your painting and photography holiday.  Its easy to get a visa at the border although you may need a photo.  You will need to pay for your share of the cost of the trip.