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How to travel to Thailand Painting Holidays

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One of the attractions of Phon Phisai is that it is not a common tourist destination, however this means that there are no facilities for tourists to travel to Phon Phisai for your holiday.

We have made it very simple, fly to Bangkok then take a domestic flight (1 hour) to Udon Thani airport and we will pick you up from there and take you to your room.  We will have a cool drink ready, you can have a hot shower and a rest if you wish and we will see you again in the guest lounge when you are ready.

If you want to travel from Bangkok to Nong Khai by overnight train we will pick you up from the train station.

Our address 

283 Soi 12, M2, T Chumphon, A Phon Phisai. Nong Khai 43120, Thailand



Most visitors will travel by air from Bangkok to Udon Thani.  While this is an international airport there are few international flights into the airport.  However it is well serviced by several domestic airlines.  We try to limit our pick-up and drop-off times to between 10.45 and 11.45 am on Saturdays and it will be preferable if you can organise your flights accordingly.  However, we will pick-up all our guests regardless of their flight arrival time, although this may lead to some waiting between flights.


Thai Airways

http://www.thaiairways.com/  We tend to use Thai Airways for our domestic travel as they use new Suvarnabhumi airport for both  their international and domestic flights and it saves us time transferring between airports.  If you stop over in Bangkok there is no great advantage in using Thai Airways as you can travel by taxi to either airport.  Also Thai Airways flights into Udon Thani are infrequent,


Nok Air

http://www.nokair.com Flies from the old Don Mueang airport which is pleasantly quiet now, but if you are transferring from an international flight you will have to allow time to change airports.


Air Asia

http://www.airasia.com Flies from the old Don Mueang airport which is pleasantly quiet now, but if you are transferring from an international flight you will have to allow time to change airports.




http://www.seat61.com/Thailand.htm#Bangkok to Nong Khai Trains in Thailand are very cheap and travelling overnight from Bangkok to Nong Khai is quite an adventure.  The seats convert into reasonably comfortable sleepers (if you purchase a sleeper ticket).  In the winter air conditioning is not essential.  Of course plenty of food is available in the train or at the stations.  The only time we can pick-up from Nong Khai train station is at 10 am on Saturdays.  If the train is late we will wait for you.



There are many bus services all over Thailand and you could get a bus arriving at Phon Phisai, Nong Khai or Udon Thani.  The pick-up drop-off times for buses are the same as for Air and Train.  We can pick you up or drop you off at the Phon Phisai bus station at any time.  While the long distant coaches are very comfortable they get very tiring on long journeys and the drivers often verge on insanity.

Unless you can speak Thai, you may find it difficult to locate a long distance bus to Nong Khai or Udon Thani and next to impossible to find a bus from there to Phon Phisai. 


If you come by car for your holiday please plan to arrive by 5pm on Saturdays and to leave by 10am on Saturdays

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