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As international visitors you will probably travel to us for your painting photography vacation by plane, train, taxi or possibly bus.  There are no taxis in Nong Khai or Phon Phisai, so when you are here you will have to use local forms of transport.  If you decide to drive a car or a motorbike, you should carry an International Driving Licence and your home country driving licence with you as they may be checked by police and you may be uninsured without them



The "motorcy" in Issan, is the most common form of transport and personally, I love it.  Partly it's the freedom of being able to do what you want to.  Even quite young children drive motorbikes in the village and hardly anybody wears a crash helmet.  We have helmets available if you want them and I wear them for long trips. 


Asian motorbikes are more like scooters than the western motorbikes and relatively low powered.  It is not uncommon to see 5 people on one bike and I have driven one with 5 people on myself, somewhat carefully and they were mostly children.  Ladies wearing skirts ride side saddle and it seems amazing to me that they manage to stay on but Thai people are brought up riding motorbikes. 


Even in the towns like Phon Phisai people generally don't wear helmets, but if you see that they are wearing them you know the police are doing a check up.  So you put your helmet on and you are OK. 


A motorcycle ride is something you should experience as you discover NE Thailand on your painting photography holiday. 



This is the next most common form of transport.  The vast majority of vehicles in the NE of Thailand are single or dual cab pickup trucks.  They don't have a lot of room inside but we can normally squeeze in about 6 people.  If the cab is full, people ride in the back enjoying the fresh air and sense of speed.  Another activity which is strictly forbidden in the West as there is a higher risk than being inside the cab and we must protect our citizens, but its a lot of fun if you are prepared to take the risk on your painting and photography vacation.

I have had as many as 20 people riding in the back of our pickup


We have a 4WD Toyota pickup and a new Ford Ranger pickup for our guests



Depending on the number of guests we have staying with us we may hire a minibus and driver for longer trips



The Mekong flood plain is flat and as in Holland, this makes it an ideal place to ride bikes.  We can make them available for you to ride along the Mekong or around the town.


Saamlo(motor rickshaw)

Literally a three wheeler, this is a motorbike with room for passengers in the back.  It is quite comfortable and I always enjoy riding in one, as its relatively slow and you can connect the world.  We have a Saamlo for our guests and Waree's sister Jit is usually the chauffeur.   We use it to take you to markets, shopping, restaurants, for massages, banks etc.



If you have never been on a tractor full sized or driven one and feel like it we can probably arrange it for you as part of your painting and photography holiday