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Tha Sadet Market

I love going to Tha Sadet Market in Nong Khai, it has long narrow pathways parallel to the river and crowded with shops selling all sorts of things electronics, clothes, silk, food, Buddhist artifacts, unusual stones, musical instruments, knives, weapons, telescopes, toys, everything you can imagine.  There is some really good value but you need to bargain on the price.


The Taa Sadej Market is located in the town of Nong Khai, nearby the Mekong River. Largely covered and winding through more than seven streets, it has much of the feeling of a middle eastern bazaar where an extraordinary range of items from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China and even Russia can be found. It is a day time market, selling clothes, fabrics, electronics, optical equipment, ornaments, knickknacks, massage aids, traditional furniture, and oddments beyond description.