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Phon Phisai is famous for its Lao Market every Wednesday and Saturday.  People come from Laos in small boats across the Mekong to sell their wares.  It's always bustling and busy with many unusual goods for sale.  There is often a snake show, fortune tellers with tarot cards, musicians with strange instruments.

The Na Ka Silk Market covers several streets next to a temple on the road between Nong Khai and Udon Thani it is filled with clothing shops

Nong Khai is famous for the Tha Sadet Marketwhich occupies several streets next to the Mekong River.  It has a hundreds of shops selling everything you can imagine.  As an ex-geologist I like the Chinese curio shops with crystals and rocks.

On Sunday's we take our guests to the Ban Pho Village Sunday Temple Market.  Its just a local market for Waree's village but always interesting.

In Phon Phisai we have the Klong Thom Market on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  It's a big market with many stalls mostly food.  An exciting place to shop with the locals and try different foods

A short walk from our guest house there is theNight Food Market, with a great variety of stalls selling food for the evening meal.  When we don't have guests we buy most of our food here, it is delicious and incredibly cheap.

This is the permanent market in Phon Phisai.  All Thai towns have a similar undercover market selling mainly food.  I call it the Wet Market as there are many stalls of live fish that splash about.  

Udon Thani has the main wholesale market for the region.  We often go here after picking up our guests from the airport as it is crammed with fruit, vegetables etc.  We buy crates of mangoes and other fruit for our guests.  I almost live on mangoes and pawpaw when we are in Thailand

When we take our guests on trips we often stop at roadside stalls to buy food  Especially bringing our guests on the long road trip from the airport in Udon Thani to Phon Phisai we stop to get a refreshing fresh coconut drink out of a coconut shell at one of the stalls.