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Rohan's review of Thailand Painting Holidays

“Simply the best!”

I cannot imagine how anyone can improve on this painting holiday!

The whole atmosphere at Jeremy and Waree's boutique Painting Holiday 'home', is so conducive to relaxation and enjoyment that it should be the criteria by which all other holidays should be measured.

Jeremy and Waree have struck the perfect balance between professionalism, luxury, and enjoyment.

An inveterate professional, Jeremy inspired me to try and exceed my potential as a painter. I have the greatest admiration for him as a painter and I cannot overemphasise the amount of his knowledge and talent that he posseses.

He is one of the great unsung of Australian artists.

The best holiday that I have had. With or without the painting, and great value-for money!

Anyone who needs to clarify details can always contact me on my mobile, which is +614046034588.

Thank you Jeremy, Waree, and your beautiful family at Mekong House.

Rohan Tillekeratne, Melbourne, Australia

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Rohan's videos

Rohan took lots of videos during his stay and I include some of them here

Artist Rohan painting on the Terrace

Painting on the Terrace at Thailand Painting Holidays