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Free food for the King's funeral

#TPH I have been to many village funerals which take place a year after the person has died. The funeral for the king in Bangkok is an amazing spectacle but here in Phon Phisai at the Wat a few hundred metres from our guesthouse we had a huge crowd mainly attending for the free food. It's the same in the village you get free food at a funeral and in this case ordinary people set up stalls to give food away. It was lovely and I had some icecream.

#Thailand #king #funeral #PhonPhisai

Everybody wore their uniforms. The white navel looking uniforms are teachers I understand but most people wore black yellow cravats and blue hats given to them by the government

My icecream

Restricted to the bigwigs. Although I was wearing black, Waree told me they wouldn't let me in as I didn't have any shiny black shoes

The gentleman in the uniform at the left insisted on shaking my hand and giving me a bottle of drinking water

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