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On the banks of the Mekong

Our land goes to the high-water mark of the Mekong.  We have a small viewing area on the bank and steps leading down towards the river. In the winter when the river is low, locals cultivate the bank with vegetable gardens.


Small fishing boats are moored along the river bank below us and their owners are out on the river day and night casting their nets.


Its a lovely walk along the river bank.  Downstream there is a restaurant belonging to our friends and then the open spaces of the Education Department.


Our guests love to walk upstream to the town past the Big Buddha Temple close by with its magnificent trees which fill with birds at dusk.


Further upstream you can walk past the locals working with their nets and gardens or just gazing at the river, until you get to Phon Phisai less than two kilometres away where there are restaurants and a few bars.