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We have a Saamlo (motorcycle rickshaw) available for our guests.  Waree's sister Jit usually drives for local trips

The Big Buddha Wat is just a few hundred metres along the river bank from Thailand Painting Holidays

Phon Phisai has bars and restaurants some of which cater for the local ex-pat community.  Also a museum. Thai massages are incredibly cheap and many of our guests enjoy them.  There are supermarkets, banks and two hospitals,

Our guests love to visit Ban Pho and experience Thai rural life.  There are always interesting things going on in the village.  As this is not a tourist village we cannot be sure what will be happening when we take you there but those guests who look will always find an experience to treasure when they return home.

Under the huge Naga Serpents at the Wat on the Mekong River in the centre of Phon Phisai there is a magic grotto.