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Helen's review of Thailand Painting Holidays

Artist in Residence


I spent three weeks here as artist in residence. It was great to just get up in the morning, and after having breakfast on the beautiful terrace, to immediately start painting. Situated right on the Mekong River and opposite a Laos Wat there were plenty of subjects to choose from. By 9:30 the day had warmed up and being able to paint from the shaded terrace was a huge plus. The township of Phon Phisai was a pleasant 15 minute walk along the bank of the Mekong River. The town with markets, friendly locals and 'took tooks' racing everywhere offered even more interesting sujects to sketch or photograph. Mekong House with hosts Jeremy and Waree proved to be a wonderful place for me to work on plenty of plein air painting.


Helen's review published in TripAdvisor