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Review by Susan Dunn


We stayed with Jeremy and Waree in November 2013. It was an amazing experience! From the great accommodation, friendliness and warmth of being cared for by such excellent host, we were more part of the family than guests! By choice we toured a lot and loved seeing Waree's home village and meeting her family. Steve enjoyed the unique experience of a Thai hair cut while there! he only got his hair cut again mid January 2014!! Guess he loved the style! Every day we enjoyed genuine Thai cooking for our meals, though we had English style breakfast provided. We requested a Thai porridge one morning and all of us tucked into more than one bowl full!! Jeremy and Waree are fantastic hosts!. We chose to tour lots of places, as we had taken art lessons in Australia at Jeremy's Peach Tree Gallery. We shopped till we dropped at the local markets and the Laos Market. We met and talked with locals. We felt like part of a bigger family. All this on the banks of the Mekong River, in an unspoiled part of Thailand away from the tourist hot spots! We thoroughly recommend Thailand Painting Holidays and we are definitely going back for more!! PS Please also check out my review on Trip Advisor!


Review by Donna Jefferson


Exciting, Fantastic and a wonderful Cultural experience. Enjoyed the instantaneous friendly rapport with local people and their willingness they showed to allow us to participate in their activities such as mat-weaving, rice cutting and inviting us to eat with them in a picnic situation in a Rubber Plantation. Enjoyed the markets and exotic aroma's of the Orient which I am sure will never be forgotten.



Review by Peter North



A great opportunity to mix and enjoy local customs and to experience some exotic adventures. Accommodation at the Guest House is very enjoyable and of a Western standard.