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Wat Ahong Silawas in tambon Khaisi of Muang Bung Kan, and adjacent to Ahong Creek, is believed to be the deepest part of the Mekong River — about 196 metres — measured using rope attached to a stone. According to legend, the river’s deepest point is opposite this temple where there is an underwater cave leading to Laos, and which is inhabited by giant Mekong catfish. 

Trips down river

Wat Phu Tok is beautiful, mysterious and spectacular.  Few foreigners visit.  There are lovely lakes and a climb to the rickety buildings where the monks honour buddha and meditate.  The steps are difficult and you feel that some of the wooden pathways are about to collapse beneath you, but if you are adventurous enough to make the climb the rewards make it very worthwhile.  There are also waterfalls in the area. Click for more detail. 

There are many waterfalls to visit but as we are open during the dry season the flow tends to be low.  However the surrounding countryside is wild and magnificent. We travel to some waterfalls by boat through the jungle

There are secluded temples hidden in the mountains.  They are difficult to find but we can take you to.  I have called these Forest Wats