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Charles and Majo's review of Thailand Painting Holidays

***** “Lovely guesthouse overlooking Mekong, friendly & attentive hosts, varied & interesting activities available”


Phon Phisai is a riverside town about 40 km east of Nong Khai, Thailand.

We travelled from Vientiane, Laos over the Friendship Bridge to Nong Khai, where our hosts, Jeremy & Waree, met us and took us on to Phon Phisai. From that moment on, and until the moment we left, Jeremy & Waree were warm, friendly & attentive, seeing to our every need & wish. 

The guesthouse is lovely. It overlooks the Mekong River, where there is always some activity, such as fishermen in their boats on the water or people working in their neat vegetable gardens on the banks.

As well as offering painting & photography classes, Jeremy & Waree can take one to see varied & interesting activities in the surrounding area. Alternatively one can just relax and take in the scene. 

We went to see Waree's home village and her parents' shop, and then to a delicious BBQ in her sister's rubber plantation, followed by a visit to see (and try our hand at!) rice harvesting, also calling in at a temple and a market (with delicacies such as cooked rat and spider on offer!). 

We much enjoyed meeting and getting to know the other guests also staying at the same time, both on the trips and at the great meals back at the guesthouse.


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