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Oil painting

I teach my techniques in acrylic and oil which can be summarised as:

  • Do thumbnail sketches with colour wheel/light direction and choose the one you want to work with

  • Paint an image on a large canvas with black acrylic and acrylic modelling paste to give it texture.  Work rapidly and very loosely.  Use colour shapers and brushes

  • Continue to work with lots of acrylic paint but now in colour gradually developing the image

  • Work with alkyd quick drying oil paints dragging the paint with colour shapers to imagine your way into the image and create something new and exciting

  • Lots of glazing with thin films of alkyd paint and alkyd medium to modify colours and give the paint depth and richness.


However, it's not about technique.  What I mainly teach is the ability to let go or reality and allow your imagination to soar.  Allow the painting to take over.  It will tell you what to do.  There is no well-defined objective or known destination.  The painting itself will tell you what to do and take you where it wants to go.  For me, this is the essence of creation.  Its not easy to do or teach.  Often a beginner finds it easier than an experienced artist who may have to unlearn habits, but its always worthwhile.  Even if you return to your previous approach you will do so with a renewed vision and enthusiasm

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