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Suvarnabhumi airport

You will arrive for your holiday at the Suvarnabhumi international airport.


 After you pick up your luggage from the carousel just walk through the Nothing to declare door (in many trips over  12 years I have never been checked by customs).


When you come out if you need Thai currency go to one of the exchange desks.


If you need a local sim card for your phone, there are two exits from the customs area if you exit through door A turn to your right to get the the telco desks, if you exit through door B turn left.  There are two telco desks facing you.  Either AIS or True will be OK.


If you are stopping over in Bangkok and you have arranged for a hotel to pick you up, you must leave by exit A as the hotel will have somebody holding a sign with your name waiting for you outside that exit.


If you are making your own way to your hotel go down to level 1 to get a taxi.  There is a taxi booking desk.  Tell them where you want to go and they will arrange a taxi from the queue of taxis to drive over to pick you up.  Most taxis have meters and will charge you at the end of the trip.  If they take the toll roads they will expect you to reimburse them.  We are not sure if they take credit cards but its most likely you will need to pay cash in Thai baht.


If you are travelling on to Udon Thani via an airline that operates out of the International Airport (Thai Airways Smiles) you need to go to the Domestic section of the airport.  Turn to your right as you come out of customs and walk to the domestic section taking an escalator or lift to the departures area on the 4th floor.  If you use the escalators with a trolley carrying your baggage watch out for their tendency to roll back on you.  This will happen if you press the push bar releasing the brake and sometimes we have had trolleys roll back without releasing the brake.


If you are flying on to Udon Thani using one of the other domestic airlines operating out of the domestic airport Don Muang you will need to take a taxi for a shuttle bus to the airport.  We normally fly Thai Smiles from the International Airport if we are flying on or the Domestic Airport if we stopover in Bangkok.


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport time required to transfer to the Domestic area of the terminal


You need to allow at least 2.5 hours between your arrival time and the departure of your domestic flight if its leaving from Suvarnabhumi.  If your domestic flight is leaving from the domestic airport Don Mueang you need to allow at least 4.5 hours.


The following will give you a rough idea of how long it takes to transfer between terminals.


  1. Your flight may well arrive late

  2. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to travel from your plane to Immigration. Some flights still use a bus to take passengers from the plane to the building.  WIth other flights there is a series of long travelators before you get to Immigration

  3. It can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to get through Immigration as the queues can be very long

  4.  Another 10 to 20 minutes to collect your luggage and pass through the 'Nothing to declare' door into the main terminal

  5. We have never been checked by Customs but there is always a risk you may get held up here.

  6. You will find yourself in the crowded area of Level 2 but your departure is on Level 4.  So you need to turn to your right as you come out of the Customs area and walk the length of the building you also need to take the lift or the escalators up to the Departure area on Level 4 this will take about 10 minutes

  7. At the Thai Smile checkin you may have another delay as there may be queues.  You can reduce this by doing an online check-in within 24 hours prior to your departure. You can do an online check-in here https://www.thaismileair.com/en otherwise it may take you 10 to 30 minutes to check-in

  8. Ideally you should check-in 60 minutes before departure.  More information on Thai Smile check-in is here http://www.thaismileair.com/en/faq/thaismile

  9. Go through to the security area.  Depending on queues it may take another 5 to 15 minutes to go through security but as you have already checked in this should not be a problem

  10. Its another 10 minute walk to the departure lounge for your flight.


So it will take from 50 to 110 minutes to get from your aircraft to complete the Thai Smile check-in and you should do this 60 minutes before your departure, so allow at least 2.5 hours (150 minutes) to do the transit.  This does not allow for your aircraft arriving late.

You may decide to depart from the Domestic Terminal, Don Mueang, for your flight to Udon Thani.  There are more frequent flights from here and the prices are slightly lower (watch out for baggage charges as excess baggage is exorbitant)  If you are staying the night in Bangkok before flying to us, this makes sense.


If you are flying straight on to us after the arrival of your international flight bear in mind that the distance between Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Muang Airport (DMK) is 29.5 miles (47.5 km). The free shuttle that runs to and from BKK and DMK has a transfer time of anywhere from 50 minutes to two hours depending on time of day and traffic.  Consequently your will need to add another 1 to 2 hours to your transit time.  For most of our guests its easier to fly with Thai Smile directly from the international airport.